Environnement Variables

The Laravel Web Installer simplifies the configuration of environment variables and application settings by providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

This UI allows you to effortlessly edit the values of environment variables, ensuring a smooth and accessible experience during the installation process. For further customization, you have the flexibility to add or remove specific values by modifying the keys within the environment array in the installer configuration file config/installer.php. Each key corresponds to its own input field, providing a straightforward mechanism to tailor the configuration settings based on your project's requirements.

 * The environment variables to set in .env file.
 * You can add or remove variables as you wish.
 * You can also set default values for each variable.
 * The installer will ask you to provide the value for each variable.
'environment' => [
    'APP_NAME' => 'Laravel',
    'APP_ENV' => 'production',
    'APP_KEY' => '',
    'APP_DEBUG' => 'true',
    'APP_URL' => 'http://localhost',
    'DB_CONNECTION' => 'mysql',
    'DB_HOST' => '',
    'DB_PORT' => '3306',
    'DB_DATABASE' => 'laravel',
    'DB_USERNAME' => 'root',
    'DB_PASSWORD' => '',
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