Ordering Steps

You have the flexibility to customize the order of installation steps by modifying the configuration file.

Open the config/installer.php file, and within the steps array key, rearrange the lines to reflect the desired sequence. By simply changing the order of the lines in the steps array, you can effortlessly control the presentation order of each step during the installation process.

This straightforward approach allows you to tailor the user experience according to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and intuitive flow for your Laravel Web Installer.

return [
    new \RachidLaasri\Installer\Steps\Welcome,
    new \App\Installer\Steps\YourCustomStep,
    new \RachidLaasri\Installer\Steps\ServerRequirements,
    new \RachidLaasri\Installer\Steps\Database,
    new \App\Installer\Steps\AnotherCustomStep,
    new \RachidLaasri\Installer\Steps\Finished,
Adding steps